Privacy Ploicy is a professional company and we respect our users and their honourable privacy. We handle our users’ identifiable data privately. Your personal information will never be disclosed to anyone. So relax and enjoy the service without taking any stress on it. We are committed to ensuring that your privacy is secure and protected. Our user’s privacy is more valuable than anything. This policy also inspired how we deal with third-party public relations personnel.

All the information we accumulate from our visitors’ servers must be used to develop our understanding of our visitors’ use of our website. Not any of these data recognizes different visitors to this site. We don’t allow our user to share its personal information on our website. Your personal data is just useless to us. It may have some incorrect attitudes. Therefore, we strongly recommend that any visitors to our site do not leave their personal data on our site.

Our servers access commercials through informational links, Google ads, and many other third-party advertisers. Once you’re connected to our website, you don’t have to worry about personal data, we won’t sell your data to marketers. We respect your confidentiality, just as we respect our own secrets.

In addition to backups, there is no secretary or bad intention behind your data. We only want to keep a backup of the data and copy it to another machine or server to handle server crises and difficulties. In case of your feedback, we will just post your name along with your comments that would be the best for the user understanding.

We do not sell or distribute your Personal Information to anyone unless it is required by law (we are bound here to follow the instruction given by law). No one is authorized to use your Personal Information no matter what would be the reason. We reserve the copyright for all content, including posts posted on its platform. Any content originally published on our website and shared by any other website without mentioning its link or proper authentic permission may be submitted to the court.

If you have faith that any of the posts listed on our site are your original work, you can send us a link to the originally published file. After checking the issue, we can delete the specific post based on your request or link back to your blog/site after your permission.